U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) – FY14 DMLSS Requirement & Funding Impact


CRAWFORD provides cost professionals to support your portfolio management inspection to understand its condition. Understanding of whats in your portfolio and the condition of each facility enables visibility into the appropriate level of capital funding for each building and across the portfolio. CRAWFORD can assist in prioritization of facilities capital plans that aligns with your organization’s mission and goals.

Even if your organization is not required to do an FCA, there are numerous compelling reasons to do so.

  • Short-term financial needs: how much is needed to remediate a particular facility? Is this a building we should keep or dispose?
  • Competitive needs: do we have an environment that employees, students, and/or the public want to be in?
  • Long-term mandates: how do we manage our portfolio over the next 20+ years? Are there opportunities to leverage bulk purchases?
  • Building stewardship: Where should the condition of each building be so we are investing the right amount? What’s the best way to invest capital to best meet organizational needs?