Ms. Crawford started her firm in 1993 after having worked in the construction industry as a cost estimator and field superintendent. She soon realized that her entrepreneurial spirit would best be satisfied by opening her own construction consulting business. With a small nest egg, and with the help of her parents to run the internal aspects of her business, she started Crawford Consulting Services.

With persistence and tenacity, she continues to explore opportunities that would strategically position the firm in ways that would increase financial growth opportunities. In addition, she has received numerous certifications that have placed the firm ahead of others that have resulted in business opportunities that we previously were not qualified to pursue. Crawford’s greatest strength has been our ability to build a dynamic team of professionals to grow our business. We are dedicated to excellence and the pursuit of success.

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to service such a vast array of clients and projects for not only our own growth and success, but the betterment and impact that we believe these projects have to the people that serve our country and the communities that house these facilities”